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Straight & Butch
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Straight & Butch

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Pier avatar

Very mundane, unimaginative idea for a calendar shoot. Pretty cheesy all round. The models were absolutely NOTHING special at all. If anything they seemed rather desperate and pathetic. Butch hopefully has moved on to something better than this present image of what a gay dude is all about! ...Read more

Angel avatar

Right ON!... Boring.

Katherine avatar

This documentary is so bad. I agree with the student from Georgetown, it is a study of narcism rather than masculinity. The photos themselves also got very kitsch and predictable towards the end. I also think the way Butch handled himself around the other models was not cool especially with ...Read more

Anonymous picture

boring, fails to push any envelopes, clearly butch and the gang like themselves - good for them, not engaging, not a study of male sexuality/masculinity, a weak study of "look at me," a predictable failure since reducing issues of sexuality/masculinity to nude pix for a calendar, and ...Read more

Katherine avatar

Yeah I totally agree.