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The Seventh Seal
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The Seventh Seal

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Comments (24)

Anonymous picture

An absolutely fantastic film by Bergman. One of those you have to watch multiple times to catch little nuances and symbolism but still a great film nonetheless

Anonymous picture

A thorough pleasure to watch again after many years.

Mark M. avatar
Mark M.

This film left me with more questions than answers, which is why it is a masterpiece. I met Igmar Bergman's son the day after his father died, I expressed my condolences and suggest we have a drink to honour his father's memory because my own father had just informed me he was in the last ...Read more

Mark avatar

Yes, the only heaven on their ruined earth are some wild strawberries
and a bowl of milk, or a jester's glimpse of love.
Mark Irwin, USC

Anonymous picture

Did not make any sense.

Brandon  avatar

While I appreciate this film as an historically relevant work of art, some things don't age well, ie a quote like: "Good Lord, why did you give us woman?" casually given as one of the female characters plays her role as punch-line to a bad joke. At least Bibi Andersson's character has more ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Did Antonius ever get his answer about God?

Anonymous picture

Sort of. He eventually convinces himself that Death doesn't know if God exists. He accuses Death of this, and Death admits that he has no answers about God. Antonius realizes that he must die to figure out if God exists or not.

Anonymous picture

master piece

Anonymous picture

Awesome... conversations we don't have anymore. God is dead, but is life without him "senseless horror"? Sydow enjoys some strawberries and a bowl of milk after wasting his marriage and life fighting in the crusades, but says at the end he has no regrets. Do we believe him?

Some of ...Read more

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

This movie is so well developed that I'm surprised it isn't the criterion movie #1. on the site. I loved it. I didn't necessarily understand every detail. Who does? Do we even need to? No.

Elizabeth avatar

Makes a great double feature with The Sixth Sense. No, really.

Jack avatar

As classic as watching it for the first time.

Anonymous picture

The Seventh Seal is a vivid and historically rich portrayal of the desperate faith and callous extremity of the middle ages. The characters look filthy and participate in a disturbing range of barbaric medieval practices. Death as a character works remarkably well personified, and I enjoyed ...Read more

Adriaan avatar

Would this movie lose it's character if it were dubbed in English? Is that art-house blasphemy?

Anonymous picture

watching *again*; is much to see/know here.

Anonymous picture

I'm trying to watch every movie on Roger Ebert's "The Great Movies" list! This is the first one I saw and, to be honest, I have mixed feelings about it.

Anonymous picture

Wow! This brought some serious depth to Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey! Seriously though, I love the chess game with Death.

Chester avatar

I saw this when I was 19 years old many, many years ago and it seemed obscure. But at 65 it comes through clear as a bell

Anonymous picture

My father is obsessed with Bergman. I inherited this obsession, but I was jarred at my first viewing of The Seventh Seal several years ago. It seemed disjointed, as if there were two different stories clawing at each other for control. In the first, a knight returns from the horror of the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

there were funny moments and had a good story but it was rather difficult to put together at first and was rather dry in the beginning.

Anonymous picture

I'm sure it's the filmmaker's fault, not yours.

Anonymous picture
Justin Rubin

One of the all-time wonders of cinema; everything seems exterior but it is all shadows of our interior landscape.

Anonymous picture

well said!