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Quiet Heroes
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Quiet Heroes
Fighting for AIDS Patients in Utah

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Anonymous picture

It's a good documentary subject but in my opinion the documentary itself could have been better

Melissa Adylia avatar
Melissa Adylia

Wonderful. I was aware of AIDS in the mid 80s, but I was young and thought it was "club kids' and "gay guys" in New York's club scene thanks to things like the Phil Donohough show and 20/20.
I was fresh out of high school when I started to notice some of my favorite dance teachers were ...Read more

Anonymous picture
Anna Montgomery

It's important to see the history of AIDs in a place other than SF or NY--though these are important stories too. This is one I had not learned and was beautiful to see. It does feel a little sugar coated but I was thrilled to see lesbians given due credit for their work in this ongoing ...Read more