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John avatar

Audrey Hepburn!! Nuff Said. The movie is not very deep but she is everything and gets to show of her dancing and modeling skills. Elegance all the way.

Anonymous picture

Audrey Hepburn's Jo absolutely glows in this movie. It's easy to see how she could fall for Fred Astaire's character - he's so very charming. They dance wonderfully together. Yes, it's quite apparent that they are far apart in age, but the genuine feeling between them makes that fact ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Classic songs, classic fashion, Audrey & Fred obviously having fun.
Classic movie. Enjoy!

Anonymous picture

Hepburn and Astaire are a bit of an odd couple. One thing that's noticeable is their age difference. I looked it up and they are 30 years apart in age. But anyway, it's interesting to see them collaborate on a film, and this definitely seems like it inspired The Devil Wears Prada (which was ...Read more

Anonymous picture

There is no chemistry between Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire...The intellectuals are ridiculed, The story does not make sense. But I can't resist a movie with Audrey.