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Don't Think I've Forgotten
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Don't Think I've Forgotten
Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll

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Comments (6)

Deb avatar

Absolutely riveting. A must see for its music its political history. I have a new reverence for Cambodia and its people.

James avatar

This is epic and haunting and the single best thing I've watched on Kanopy.

Anonymous picture

Wonderful film. I watched with my grandmother, and she knew the words to every song.

Anonymous picture

The song at 1:42 is a classic. It's an accurate title of this documentary, the best I've seen about the history of Khmer music.

Anonymous picture

Wonderful, informative film. Does anyone know what the chant at 1:37:47 is?

Anonymous picture

The Khmer chant is performed during a funeral or when someone has died. Although the sound and meaning are sad, the song is meant to comfort those who are going through grief.