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Dear Mr. Watterson
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Dear Mr. Watterson
The Era of Calvin & Hobbes

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Alfonse avatar

Could have done with much less of the opening 30 minutes of the film maker's journey to Watterson's town. With that finally out of the way, the documentary settles into a narrative that any C&H fan will find compelling, nostalgic, and, with the ending already known, wistful, if not ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Slow and repetitive - would have been more effective at half the length.

Anonymous picture

I think you should let people read the comic in the video

Anonymous picture

Excellente. Is a good look into the rise and end of Calvin & Hobbes.

Anonymous picture

Loved it. Just thinking about Calvin & Hobbes always moves me. Has opened some new avenues of thought about Why Mr. Watterson did what he did and who he might be.