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The Captive
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The Captive

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

Despite a strong cast and director this movie was pretty terrible. Hokey, predictable, full of plot holes, cartoonish villain, and many aspects of the story that made no sense. Lots of pretty snow and scenery, though.

Felix avatar

I agree. It was basically a low-budget version of Taken. They don't need to dramatize this plot, the news outlets are milking plenty of drama out of it on a regular basis.

Anonymous picture

good film. egoyan is always filled with substance and the tragedies of life and the endeavor to overcome. deserves 4 stars note to staff picks

Anonymous picture

Excellent, Reynolds best. not gory but bloody horrible because it's so close to the truth. WARNING if you have experienced these things it might be hard to watch. Thank you for making this movie, it will never get the praise it deserves. not to shabby.