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For the Bible Tells Me So
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For the Bible Tells Me So

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Interesting documentary. I liked it.

Anonymous picture

Oh my. I just cried so much in the second half of the film. Tears of sadness and joy.

Anonymous picture

This documentary ended up being what I thought it would be: very poor film work, very poor writing/directing, out-and-out propaganda. I was hoping for a more challenging piece of work.

G avatar

Why do you think it was poorly written/directed?

Lauren avatar

This documentary explores how conservative Christians' interpretation of the Bible can be used as a way to deny homosexuals equal rights. This is a very important film, especially in light of the recent events in Kentucky.

Minami avatar

It breaks my heart to see individuals be pressured by organizational religion to hide their real selves. I saw one of my closest friends be victim to this for years and I am so proud of him for finally gathering the courage to stand up to the oppressors surrounding him.