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Saturday Night Fever

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Comments (12)

Anonymous picture

The movie is something to think about. Can you be king and queen of the prom: hanging with the cool kids and first among your peers. Can you be all that and still be going nowhere?
If you are on a go-nowhere track, what does it take to succeed?
What did that ending mean? Did Tony ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I love this film and how it depicts 1970s working class urban life in the NYC boroughs: ethnically divided, racist, misogynistic, homophobic. The notion of going to city for enlightenment (en-whiten-ment) applies even more these days -- though you wouldn't be coming from Brooklyn!

Anonymous picture

SPOILER ALERT! - The character Stephanie is so weak, almost decorative. After all her dialogues about culture and sophistication she agrees to be friend with the poor, knucklehead boy that the night before tried to rape her, just because he is cute.

Anonymous picture

Holds up fairly well after 42 years. John Travolta's acting is impressive. The ethnic milieu not as convincing as in Scorsese and Spike Lee movies, but the filmmakers gave it a passionate try.

Anonymous picture

i remember seeing this in the theaters - it made quite a splash! Its still a classic tale - love the accents!

Pilar avatar

Horrible movie. Found absolutely nothing of interest in this and the r*pe scene made me sick.

Anonymous picture

Why is there a stripper in a dance club?

Nancy avatar

Still a wonderful movie!

Graciela avatar

Absolutely great!

Anonymous picture

star wars

Anonymous picture

I like the movie and the music. A classic one.

Anonymous picture

Though good, the sequel, Staying Alive, is much better.